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VA Loan Benefits

A VA home loan is one of the best mortgages for military servicemembers and veterans who are looking to purchase a home or refinance a current mortgage. VA loans require little or no down payment and no private mortgage insurance. 

VA Loan Process
We offer the latest mortgage technology that makes purchasing a home or refinancing an existing loan an efficient process. Our experienced VA loan specialists will guide you through each step of the loan process, from pre-approval to loan closing. LEARN MORE

Why Choose Honolulu HomeLoans?

We are passionate about providing a positive home buying experience to servicemembers so they can enjoy homeownership.

- Approved VA lender with strong knowledge of Hawaii’s housing market that allows us to approve, underwrite and process loans at a faster pace than out-of-state lenders.
- A dedicated VA loan team with decades of experience in VA lending.
- Impeccable reputation in the local real estate community for closing loans on time.  
- Lender Appraisal Processing Program (LAPP) approved underwriter, allowing us to close loans faster. This status is only available to select VA lenders that meet stringent requirements set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
- We pay for the veteran’s non-allowables including escrow and tax service fees.


Accredited On-Staff Veterans Service Officer (VSO)

Need assistance with your VA home guaranty benefit? We want to introduce Bill Yates, NMLS #1456221, who is certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to represent servicemembers, veterans and their families who are requesting benefits and services earned through military service and provided by the VA. Read his bio, click here.

Are You Eligible for a VA Loan?
We can find out whether you qualify for a
VA mortgage by reviewing the VA entitlements
in your Certificate of Eligibility. We can help
request your Certificate of Eligibility through
the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
It’s easy.

VA Loan Application Checklist
Ready to apply? It's best to be prepared to be
prequalified faster. We have a helpful list of
documents and information needed to complete
your VA mortgage application. 

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders
If you have been notified that you’ll be relocating
to Hawaii, don’t worry. We can provide guidance
on your move including housing options through
our trusted realtor partners.


Honolulu HomeLoans, NMLS #314918, specializes in Veterans Administration loans for properties in the state of Hawaii. As Hawaii's largest locally owned mortgage banker, we have helped hundreds of eligible military borrowers to purchase a new home or refinance an existing mortgage. We are an approved VA lender for properties in Hawaii. ...


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